Valentine's Day Flowers

It is the most romantic day of the year and as expected you receive a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from your beau. You want the magic of the evening to last forever so naturally your thoughts turn to keeping your valentines flowers alive and beautiful for as long as you possibly can. Here are a few tips to help extend the life of your flowers past valentine's day.
When you receive the flowers for valentine's day, first lavish praise all over the giver to show your appreciation for the beautiful gesture. Next, take the flowers out of their packaging and carefully cut the ends of the stems at an angle about three cm high. After a few days, you will need to cut the stems again, this time at two cm high.
Make sure the vase you use is clean. This will ensure that no bacteria are hiding in the vase which can destroy your flowers. Always use clean water and trim off any leaves that may become submerged under the water. Left in water, those leaves will rot causing the growth of bacteria that will make your flowers wilt and die sooner than need be.
Water is very important to the health of your flowers. To maximize the lifespan of your flowers after valentine's day, be sure to add water to the vase everyday and change the water whenever it gets cloudy or murky. You can add a few drops of bleach to the water to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae which is harmful to your flowers.
Keep your flowers away from heat sources including heaters, computers, televisions, and appliances that give off heat--like ovens. Heat will cause the flowers to lose water quickly which will make them wilt at a faster rate. To make sure your flowers from valentine's day last a long time, keep them in a cool area.
Your flowers do get hungry, so be sure to feed them the plant food provided to you by the florist. Add it to the water when you first put the flowers in them. Flowers will "eat" up to half of the food they need to survive over their lifetime that first day.
It is best to get valentines flowers at valentine's day that are still in the bud stage. You will enjoy watching the buds open, and flowers picked in this stage last longer. So if your beau did not give you flowers in the bud stage this time, make a gentle suggestion for next time. Avoid putting your flowers near fruit. Fruit gives off ethylene gas as it ripens which will make your flowers wilt at a faster rate.
The best way to ensure flowers live long after valentine's day is to take good care of them. It will be well worth the effort, however, when you are able to enjoy the beauty of your special night with your sweetheart for weeks to come


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