Create Your Design Kitchen Equipment

Are you chef or just mother who loves to cook for your family?
You may not know that the best serve and good food not always comes from the ingredients, or the name of the food. The best food comes from the clean kitchen and the equipment which used for cook. That is the best point you will have if you serve any kind of food.
What happen if your kitchen dirty or your cook equipment kitchen not clean, you customer will gone and you family will not health any more.
Remember that some illness cause by bacteria which live in your kitchen or your cooking equipment.
Here are tips how to care you kitchen equipment:
1. Wash you equipment before or after cook.
2. Choose the soap only for clean cook equipment.
3. Dry it, don’t let the equipment still wet.
4. Don’t put the equipment on humid place.
5. Separate the cooking stuff with the serve equipment.
6. Always clean your knife
7. Use the soap that already have standard international food and safety
For washing serve equipment kitchen it have to careful, wash it until the soap really washed. Smell it if the soap smells still on the glass, that’s mean you have wash it again.


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