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So, you've let your wife's birthday slip your mind. This is an incredible feat considering she has been dropping not-so-subtle hints for the past 2 weeks. After you have smacked yourself, you begin to devise a plan. A surprise dinner at her favorite restaurant will certainly show her your romantic side, but you need something else. The tried-and-true gift of flowers will certainly do the trick. It is no surprise that men find giving flowers as a gift to be a safe and sure way to please their mates. Ordering is usually simple and show sincere admiration and appreciation.
If you are working on a short time frame then same day delivery might be a good option for you. Yes, you could stop by the florist on your way home and get a bouquet, however many people enjoy the surprise of an unexpected delivery of fresh cut flowers. Most also enjoy the envying look of coworkers as they parade through the office carrying their colorful and aromatic bouquet.
Most floral companies offer same day delivery. Usually the best way to order flowers for same day delivery is by contacting florists in your area. You may have to contact several stores before finding the right fit. Some florists may have cut-off times for same day deliver of flowers while others may deliver same day all day. Some established florists who have a busy workload may additionally charge you a processing fee for same day delivery orders. In most cases, however, florists are happy to deliver same day, as they understand that unexpected events happen and are more than willing to accommodate.
Generally speaking, it is not usually wise to order flowers online if you need same day delivery. Some websites offer this service but the majority ask for at least a 3 day notice. If you do find an online florist who will delivery the same day, they may charge a hefty fee. Be sure to read all of the fine print and ask for any hidden or extra charges. You may be in a hurry to place your order but it is very important that you know the terms of service. Also be attentive to what type of flowers, the arrangement, enclosure cards and any accessories that you wish to be included. Your satisfactory experience with any same day flower delivery depends on your knowledge of what you are ordering


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