Chinese New Year Tips And Rituals

Inviting God Of Happiness
It is auspicious to welcome the wealth god into your house during chinese new year hamper. The wealth god ensures you will receive wealth and money luck for the year. However, this year wealth god comes from the south direction on the 1st day of the new year. This is the same direction of the death door this year.
So, invite the god of wealth on the 5th day of chinese new year. This is the birthday of god of wealth.
On the first day of cny, you are advised to receive the god of happiness who brings all kinds of family and wealth luck. The ritual to receive the god of happiness is the same as for the wealth god. This year the god of happiness direction is southeast.
First, wash your body with lime or pomelo leave and wear new clothes. The best colour is yellow or red. This is to make sure you are clean when you are welcoming the god of happiness
Set up a small table outside your main door. This table must be wrapped with red paper. Take the compass and locate the southeast direction. Turn your table to face southeast. In the center of the table, place an incense burner. All the ingredients must be on a red color plate. The 2 sets of 3pcs small cups should in the front of the incense burner. It needs to be in 2 rows. Pour the tea at the first row and the white wine on the second row. Place the god of happiness image at the front of the table.
Once you have prepared the above, you can now start to receive the god of happiness at the auspicious time. Light the candle at your altar inside your house and turn on all the lights in your house. Light the red candle and large incense stick on the small table. The patriarch of the family should hold the large incense stick and prostrate to the god of happiness. When making prayers, he holds the incense sticks in both hands and kneel down. He must invite the god of happiness to come to the house and make all requests on behalf of family members.
Then chinese new year hamper, place the large incense stick onto the incense burner. Light the medium incense stick and distribute to the rest of family members. Everyone should make his or her own wishes


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