Valentine’s Day Presents for a Boyfriend or Husband

One can be a little more mushy with a longer term boyfriend or husband. Pick a valentine gift to go with his personality, be it sweet and sensitive, fun and corny, or hopelessly romantic.

* The classic giant heart-shaped box of chocolates (skip the ones with lace, though)

* For a boyfriend or husband, gather up a stack of milk chocolate bars, a big bag of marshmallows, and a box of graham crackers, with a couple marshmallow roasting sticks. Make a card to add that says “Every Day I Love You S’More!”

* Cut out 100 hearts of various colors of paper. Stick them up all over his room, office, car, or garage door. Write conversation heart sayings on some of them (like “Be Mine, Luv U, My Guy, and so on.)

* For a sensitive boyfriend,
valentine gift like a single red rose will touch his heart (chocolate roses are fun too).

* For a man with a hobby, empty a big heart-shaped chocolate box and fill it with things he’ll love, like DVDs, fishing gear, guitar strings and picks, a journal, computer supplies, art supplies, and more. Add a few chocolates too.

* Fill his wallet with confetti hearts and hide love notes in his pockets, car, books, or cabinets.


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