Red Roses Used to Symbolise Love

A rose is a perennial flower, shrub or vine of genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae, that contains over 100 species and comes in a variety of colours. These flowers are found in most parts of the world and are usually grown for their beauty and fragrance.

What is Meant When People Give or Receive Roses

Red roses have been used for centuries around the world as a symbol of love and romance. Men or women often give red roses to their partners or to someone they are interested in, to let them know in a way other than words, what their feelings are. Some traditions say one rose stands for “I love you, and only you”, eleven roses stand for “I am fond of you, you are special”, a dozen roses say "Be my steady", ninety nine roses mean “I will love you forever” and a hundred means “Will you marry me?". People have differing opinions about what different number of roses stand for, but every meaning of any number of red roses is somehow connected to love.

The Relationship Between the Red Rose and Love

The Rose is a beautiful, captivating, sweet smelling flower with tender petals. The rose flower also grows from a thorny stem. Most people agree that love is a single coin with two sides, the one side being a beautiful, sweet and tender emotion while the other side can be bitter and very painful. This analogy can explain why a rose is used to symbolise love.

But why red?

It is intriguing that of all the diverse colours (maroon, red, yellow, pink, peach, white, lavender etc), that
roses come in, the red rose is the colour that is accepted universally as a love symbol.

Red vs Love

Red is a very hot, vibrant and commanding colour. It draws attention – Love is an emotion that comes in and takes control. It craves attention

Red is the colour of blood, the colour of life – They say love makes the world go round. It is the source of life

Scientists say the colour red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing – Love can sometimes make the heart beat faster and the breathing uneven.

Colour therapists say red is a colour for passion, a colour for pain – Romantic love is definitely a thing of passion and a thing of pain.

The popular country singer Don Williams starts his song “Then it’s Love” with the words,

“Some people say that love is a rose

Maybe they've hit it right on the nose”
Yes, maybe they’ve hit it right on the nose indeed: when it’s a red rose.A Lesson From the Red Rose

There is a lesson to be learnt from the red
roses after all. A red rose is a beautiful flower that stands at the head of a thorny stem. Though the stem has thorns, it still has the ability to hold something as beautiful as the rose flower, and the red rose shines brightly despite these thorns.

Yes, every true love will have its share of tears, but like a bright red rose that stands radiant above the thorns, the beauty of love should always shine the tears to oblivion.


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