Red Flowers And Roses Tips

choosing the perfect rose for st valentine can turn out to be really painful for you guys. Which roses to buy? How many roses to buy? Which color of roses to buy? When to give the rose? So many questions. No need to stress out as we will make your task an easy one.

Which color of roses to buy?
Her favorite color is white and you were innocently thinking to get her some white roses. So sweet and so cute of you. However, it is st valentine and women want red roses. No matter what even if it is the end of the world get her the damn red rose. You can always give her the white roses for another occasion. It cannot be so hard to understand that st valentine equals to red roses. Problem of rose color is solved. In brief, on st valentine day, her color preference is not a factor to consider when it is about valentine flowers.
How many roses are you going to buy?
For god sake no need to send her a garden of roses or two to three bouquet of roses. What is she going to do with so many roses? Open a flower shop?! Be simple and choose only one rose with care. Of course it should be a red one.
To personalize your rose you can do something more original. What about writing i love you on the rose petal? This is a delicate job indeed. You can also write i love you on the leaf or even pin mark it on the stem. Many macho reading this post must be thinking about how lame this can be. Have you ever made an effort to try it?Now concerning couple in a long term relationship. It would be better to give her an equivalent number of roses based on the number of years you are together. One year relation equals to one rose etc and you can even maintain it as a tradition.
When to give her the rose?
Anytime is the right time to give women valentine flowers. Want to include a magical touch with the whole scene? How about knocking at her door at midnight with a rose in hand? She’ll love it.
Let us make a quick recap. No matter what, give her the red rose, no need to give her a garden of roses and personalize your rose so that its is not ‘just another rose’.


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