A Professional Clown

If performing magic, juggling, making balloon animals, dressing up in an outlandish costume, wearing a large red nose, and above all else, making people laugh and bringing them joy sounds like a great job description, then consider becoming a professional clown.it can be a challenging, but rewarding occupation. Follow these steps to your new career.
  1. Step 1
Investigate the world of professional clown by reading books, exploring and spending time with a professional clown in your area.
  1. Step 2
Go to a professional clown school. Initial training is also possible by attending workshops and conferences.
  1. Step 3
Find a clown mentor and serve an apprenticeship.
  1. Step 4
Develop your clown's character. This includes makeup, costume, the characters personality as well as associated skills like magic, balloon animals, juggling and comic routines.
  1. Step 5
Decide where and how you want to work and plan your business accordingly. Clowns can specialize in birthday parties, story telling, adult parties and events, and of course the major leagues of clowning, the circus.
  1. Step 6
Run your clown business efficiently by keeping good records, advertising, developing a network of clients, and interacting with other professional clowns at meetings and conferences. By doing so, you can learn about appropriate fee schedules, contracts, liability insurance, cancellation policies and other issues related to the profession.


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